Collection: Devon Honey

  • Contains: 100% unpasteurised honey from Devon bees.
  • Produced in the heart of the Devon countryside, our runny honey is full of the flavours of the fields and hedgerows. As our honey is unpasteurised, cold extracted and unblended, you can rest assured that honey for sale here retains all of its natural taste and all of the properties that make honey a superfood. Delicious in smoothies, drizzled over Greek yogurt or simply smothered over toast, this honey provides a natural, but subtly floral, sweetness.
  • Contains: 100% unpasteurised honey from Devon bees.

What the Great Taste Judges had to say:

  • This is a lovely light and delicate honey with wonderfully bright floral notes. The gentle sweetness keeps on delivering abundantly. Pretty, clean and shiny in appearance. We think this is glorious.
  • Great looking golden honey with excellent viscosity and a fabulous floral aroma. This smooth honey has a great array of delicate flavour rich with citrus and floral notes. A very enjoyable clean, natural honey.
Devon Honey